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Home Remedies for Yeast Infections

What are the results of your looking for home remedies for yeast infections?

home remedies for yeast infectionsYou’ve been looking for home remedies for yeast infections, yes? And you’ve checked out a few websites for remedies. I’ve done that. The more I searched and explored, the more confused I got. Are you doing better than me?

Which home remedies for yeast infections really work?

Below, I describe some of what I learned but I also ask a lot of questions. All of them are answered in Yeast Infection No More. So, in a sense this is a review of Linda Allen’s book.

If you have candida or a yeast infection, it would be easy to use the first home remedy you find on the Internet and see whether it worked. Perhaps, you’ve done that, and it didn’t work. So you are looking again.

Why doesn’t every home remedy work?

  1. If you use yogurt , consume some and apply some, you may not have bought one with active live cultures.
  2. It’s also true of any other natural remedy: these products vary in quality and sometimes the purity is good enough.
  3. Or, perhaps you didn’t use it long enough: is it like antibiotics when you’re told to take it for a certain period of time?
  4. Or, perhaps you thought you had a yeast infection but it was something else.

In my research, I found that many have successfully treated vaginal odor and itchiness with a crème that balanced pH in the vaginal area. So perhaps those who found immediate relief had a pH imbalance that hadn’t yet turned into a yeast infection.

I also found warnings in my research to get your “yeast infection” diagnosed because it could be bacterial vaginosis which is different from candidiasis, yeast infection.  They require different treatments.

By now you may be wondering whether you have been viewing incomplete information on the topics I’ve discussed.

Do I have to go to the doctor of a diagnosis?

You could. However, with more information you may be able to determine for yourself whether you have a yeast infection. They can be found in Linda Allen’s book.

How do I get rid of these annoying nasty symptoms quickly?

You can, using “home remedies,” often within 24 hours. Imagine relief within a day or two. An expert will describe what you have to do.

However, what you will also learn is that getting rid of the symptoms may not have addressed the causes of yeast infections, and they will return unless these causes are addressed.

What are the causes of yeast infections?

Here are the possibilities, some may apply to you and some may not.

  • Your gut flora is out of balance: you may be vulnerable because you weren’t breast fed, born through a Caesarian section, fed solid foods before 6 months.
  • Enough good gut bacteria were killed off by antibiotics, pollution, poor nutrition, herbicides, pesticides, chemical preservatives and additives in food, etc.
  • Your diet is too heavy in sugars: yeast feed on sugars. Processed foods contain high fructose corn syrup, and white flour that turns into sugars.
  • You may have parasites, heavy metals, mercury amalgams in your teeth, etc. and may be cleanse and detox.
  • And more

Are you ready to change how you eat? For how long?

How do you get your gut flora re-populated with enough good bacteria?

How do you cleanse? Detox?

When you are lost in overwhelming and conflicting information about a health problem it’s good to consult an expert. A traditionally trained physician is not an expert on yeast infections.

Choose an expert on Yeast Infections to help with home remedies

Linda Allen is an expert. Linda suffered from a yeast infection for years, finding no relief from whatever she was prescribed. It became clear to her that if she was going to feel well again she needed to find some answers that worked for her.

After 6-7 years, she found solutions that worked, so that as her book title claims: Yeast Infection No More. She offers her guidance and recommendations in this 170 page book which includes:

  • How to determine whether you have a yeast infection
  • How to treat yourself initially to rid yourself of symptoms
  • What to do next—if you have to cleanse, to detox, to take supplements, to correct your leaky gut.

In short, Linda Allen provides you with home remedies for yeast infections and more.

The chapters are laid out so you can find the information that you need immediately. However, I would start at the beginning so you can build your trust in Linda and her expertise.

You may need a strong commitment to do what is required to return you to health so get all the information and understanding.

But most of all if you have recurrent yeast infections, you need an expert’s guidance. If a simple remedy doesn’t work, it may be that more is involved. For example, Linda’s yeast infection became systemic: meaning the yeast overgrowth involved more than just the intestinal tract.

First, learn a little of what Linda offers through an instructional video….right here

Then, look at what she has to offer.

You will quickly learn that her book can be accessed almost immediately. You have 60 days to read and use it because there is a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

In short, there is nothing to lose.

I know that when I read Yeast Infection No More I was inspired to learn what I needed to do to return to optimal health by following her guidance—even though I don’t have a yeast infection currently.

Get home remedies for yeast infections from the expert.