Best OTC Yeast Infection Treatment

best otc yeast infection treatment

Are You Looking for the Least Expensive OTC Yeast Infection Treatment?

There are many choices you can make to get rid of your yeast infection, especially if you are focused on vaginal or mouth symptoms. These include natural and/or home remedies, holistic and/or homeopathic treatments as well as products you can buy from CVS, Walgreen’s, Walmart or Amazon.

If you choose something that is easy to get in your local drug store, you may find temporary relief.  But be warned, you may be happy to be rid of irritating itches and smells but they may return.

They may be easy solutions but they are not the best otc yeast infection treatment you can find.  You will learn what is the best below.  Scroll down to the bottom.  However, you may want to get the whole scoop from an expert.

The Full Story on Yeast Infections No More

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Warning: when you choose the usual otc product you are only treating your current symptoms, not the cause.

Therefore, if symptoms reoccur, more holistic treatments may make sense to address the causes.  Traditional health care professionals such as MDs and nurses usually address yeast infection issues with medication targeting symptom management. Remember traditionally trained medical professionals may know only pharmaceutical interventions and probably won’t suggest natural or home remedies , .More holistic OTC yeast infection treatment products that you can find online may be unknown to them.

However, for those who care about the details and full scope of yeast infections, first be warned that your symptoms may not be caused by an overgrowth of yeast. The safest step to take is to get a diagnosis from your nurse or physician.  Once diagnosed, you can make a decision about how to treat yourself.

Possible side-effects from pharmaceuticals

If you choose to take medications or pharmaceutical products, consider that any chemical you take into your body may have side-effects or consequences on other parts of your body.

[ In our modern society we have become so accustomed to pharmaceuticals.  It wasn’t always so. Early in the 20th century, in the 1900s, ordinary people treated themselves with homeopathy, using natural substances to deal with illness.  Homeopathy  was practiced in 60 countries worldwide. The American Medical Association was created to challenge homeopathy’s stronghold.  With the advent of miracle cures, the drug companies were well on their way to dominating American medicine.]

The most obvious example of this is the frequent use of antibiotics that may kill good bacteria  that can result in a yeast overgrowth. Other medications such as anti-inflammatories, acide-blockers often have a negative effect on the friendly bacteria in your gut.

It certainly doesn’t make sense to use antibiotics for a yeast infection because of its effect on gut health.

Then if not medication, what are your choices?  There are many other yeast treatment products.

The first two pharmaceuticals are:

1)   Clotrimazole is found in some popular brands.

Clotrimazole comes in cream, suppository or throat lozenge (prescription only). Dosages vary in different forms and packages.

Topical and oral clotrimazole are used with adults and children.  (Wikipedia)

Reviews indicate that these anti-fungal products work well on rashes, especially in groin and on feet.

23 reviews give it a 4 ½ star rating.

2)   Many products have Miconazole nitrate:

Another active ingredient is Miconazole nitrate . an antifungal.  In addition to use as an anti-fungal, it has anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties. (Wikipedia)

4 ½ star reviews attest to effectiveness for yeast infection as well as rashes on other parts of the body.

Over-the-counter yeast infection products that are not chemically based

Besides vaginal creams, gels and suppositories, there are products that are over-the-counter (meaning not requiring a prescription) that claim to cleanse, prevent yeast infections, that support the immune system.

Different from pharmaceuticals with one active ingredient, the following may not be available at most drugs but are found online. They provide a holistic treatment meaning they go beyond symptom-management and address the health of your immune, gut and sometimes reproductive systems.

The Following Are the Best OTC Yeast Infection Treatment Products

best otc yeast infection treatmentCandidaGo

Vitaana’s CandidaGo appears to address all phases of yeast infections from cleansing and detoxing to restoring the gut to health and strengthening the immune system.  In addition, there is mention of a link of yeast and fungal infections leading to leaky gut syndrome (Linda Allen discusses the problems and solutions for leaky gut syndrome).

This product claims to cleanse and detox, eliminate candida cells by breaking down the cell walls of candida.  Ingredients also restore the flora in the gut as well as strengthening the immune system.

All-in-One solution contains natural ingredients such as oregano extract, caprylic acid
Important to notice that there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best OTC yeast infection treatment Reviews: 140 reviews give it a 4  star rating. The most helpful review comes from a woman who has struggled with “candidosis” for over 10 years.  None of the anti-fungals prescribed by her doctors helped; in fact, she claims they made her worse.  Just after 3-4 days she noticed a dramatic improvement in several areas of concern–her energy, rash, concentration.

Another is Balance Complex best otc yeast infection treatment
Balance Complex is more than an anti-fungal product that helps to eliminate odor, discharge, and itching related to yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. Ingredients work at balancing pH as well as supporting bladder and the immune system.

In addition, ingredients such as oregano extract, caprylic acid, L. acidphilus, aloe vera, reishi mushrooms, etc.) help with menopause and pms.

Best OTC yeast infection treatment Reviews: 403 reviews give a 4 1/2 star rating to this complete female wellness supplement.  The most helpful review comes from a woman who suffered from BV for over 4 years. She tried many treatments during that time.  After two weeks using Balance Complex her BV was gone.  After a month she’s was happy and comfortable.

The third is  VF 10 Complete Feminine Care Formula

best otc yeast infection treatment VF10 Formula contains ingredients shown to help with cleaning and balancing not only for yeast infections but for the whole female and immune system as well as the urinary tract (UTI, BV, vaginitis). The ingredients include: oregano oil, caprylic acid, anise seed, black walnut hulls, aloe vera, and more.

60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee comes with this product.

Best OTC yeast infection treatment Reviews: 71 reviews (4  stars) speak well of this product. The most helpful review came from a woman who had suffered from BV for over 7 months. During that time she had 3 courses of antibiotics because the infection returned.  After trying this products she writes that “IT ACTUALLY WORKED.”

Over-the-counter Treatments for Yeast Infections are Many

Your quickest easiest choice is to choose an anti-fungal pharmaceutical product. But your symptom relief may be only temporary.

Other possibilities that don’t require a prescription (therefore, otc) include more complex formulations that have been positively reviewed by customers.  In choosing one of these you probably will select the best otc yeast infection treatment available.


PS The information provided above is only intended to be advice…if you take action, please consult with a physician.