Looking for Home remedies for Yeast Infections?

Sources of Home remedies for yeast infections

I’m sorry. You are unfortunately bothered by the signs of a yeast infection: often constant itching, many times smelly odors that are embarrassing. Unless you’re very open to others about personal health matters, you are not likely to talk about this particular problem with others. Rather, you’re on the Internet looking for answers, specific answers: home remedies for yeast infections.

Why do I need an expert?

home remedies for yeast infectionsIf you want the straight and complete scoop, you’d go to an expert. My first choice is Linda Allen. In a quick video she introduces the topic of treating yeast infections, and you’ll find that most of her complete treatment for yeast infections involve home remedies. Through the information in her book, she’s helped over 143,000 yeast infection sufferers. See if you find whether  you can trust her.

When you Google “home remedies for yeast infections” and go through several websites you can easily become frustrated and overwhelmed with the information you find Most frequently you will find over-the-counter solutions for the problem which means pharmaceuticals, not home remedies. Or you will find several natural remedies suggested and don’t know which to choose.

One reason it’s easy to become confused is that you may not have enough information about what causes yeast infections, and in fact, whether you actually have one. Rarely does a webpage take the time or space to go into all the details you need to make a good decision.

Here’s when it’s good to get an expert opinion. Someone who will take you through the symptoms to diagnose yourself and provide you with tests you can use to confirm your health problem. All of this expert knowledge is available within minutes because you can access “Yeast Infections No More” by a quick purchase that is backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

What causes a yeast infection need to be addressed?

Among the causes of yeast infections is the amount of sugar that is in the American diet. If you look at any processed foods—you know, the pastries, cookies, snacks, beverages, fast foods that are so easily available to us, high fructose corn syrup is almost always among the top ingredients. Candida or yeast is fed by sugar, and we can unknowingly consume a lot of it every day, especially in almost all beverages commonly available.

Once there is a yeast overgrowth, meaning that the yeast is growing outside of your intestines, sugar helps to transform form its single cell yeast form to something called “mycelial” that is harder to get rid of. When you have this form, more complete measures must be taken to resolve your yeast infection issue.

Components of a comprehensive home remedy plan for yeast infections

For short term relief, a simple home remedy might work for you. But then you don’t know whether the treatment is temporary or permanent. Such home remedies for yeast infections include: coconut oil, garlic, tea tree oil, caprylic acid, yogurt, kefir, etc. You might be tempted to believe that your problem is over, but consult with the experts to learn what more you may need to do.

Another important part of ridding yourself of a yeast infection is your diet. You might have to go on an anti-candida diet at least for the short-term. Depending on how bad the yeast infection is, a longer period of “starving” them may be required.

Besides avoiding sugars and processed foods, you should avoid starchy vegetables, gluten grains, and anything that contains ”foreign” ingredients such as nitrates, preservatives, food dyes, herbicide/pesticide residues, antibiotic and hormones. In short, choose whole clean foods prepared to consume optimally raw, steamed or grilled.

Probiotics to bring gut flora into balance

home remedies yeast infectionAnother component is the use of probiotics or prebiotics to bring the good bacteria into balance with the bad in your gut. The most obvious are yogurt, not the sweetened pasteurized variety but the ones that contain live cultures. Kefir is also full of live cultures. The bacteria in yogurt and kefir that replenish your gut with good bacteria are more plentiful and have greater variety in kefir. (I have a friend who reduce the crippling symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis purely by drinking one cup of home-made kefir a day. Good probiotics may help a lot with many health issues.)  An additional step is to find high quality probiotic supplements that are manufactured in a way to deliver billions of a variety of live bacteria to your gut.

Cleansing and detoxing

Sometimes changing to an anti-candida diet is enough to get your body into a cleansing and detoxing mode. One article I read suggested drinking peppermint tea to reduce the effect of this “healing crisis” or candida die-off.

However, because many of us have consumed the wrong foods with preservatives, herbicide/pesticide residues, have taken in the pollutants in the air and water around us, used antibiotics and other medications, we need to do additional cleansing ad detoxing, especially of the liver and colon. For such steps, you need the right home remedies described in “Yeast Infections No More.”

Seek expert advice for treating yeast infections

Any health issue, especially one that involves the gut where 75-80 % of your immune system is located, can be complicated. Many MDs or nurses in the traditional medical model don’t have the time or energy to become specialized about most diseases, such as yeast infections. Don’t you deserve access to an expert who has helped over 143,000 yeast infection sufferers?

For expert help for home remedies for yeast infections right here

Don’t hesitate too long. Check out the information in “Yeast Infections No More” to see whether or not it provides you the kind of information and guidance you need. When I went through her book even I, who didn’t have a yeast infection at the time, was so impressed by the information I was ready to start on many of the steps so I could bring myself to optimal health.

You deserve to feel better, don’t you?   There is no risk in taking a look at the help and guidance you’ll find in Linda Allen’s “Yeast Infections No More” .