How Do You Get Rid of a Yeast Infection?

The quick answer to the question, how do you get rid of a yeast infection, is simple.

how do you get rid of a yeast infectionThe answer? Follow the recommendations of an expert. Who are the experts on yeast infections? I’ve identified two, Linda Allen and Dr. Erik Crusher. In this article, I will focus on Dr. Crusher’s program, Candida Crusher.

What makes someone an expert on treating yeast infections?

Most people when they have a troubling symptom usually go to their “doctors,” or physician assistants (PA’s). For these health professionals, yeast infections are among the hundreds of health problems they deal with each day and each week. They are generalists rather than specialists about any illness, and they fulfill an important function.

If you were to go online and ask the something about yeast infection treatment, you will undoubtedly find articles written by traditional health professionals such as doctors or an organization representing traditional medicine such as the Mayo Clinic. These articles contain general information about yeast infection treatment and in their short space cannot hope to comprehensively deal with these issues.

Therefore, when you Google for answers about yeast infections, you rarely find the experts but you find authority sites that cover health topics in a general quick way. For example, in my research I rarely found anyone informing us about what makes yeast infections systemic. This is when the yeast form transforms from a single cell into a mycelial organism that gets into the blood. When that happens, it can causes many problems for your health, and requires a full program to eradicate.

Get an Expert’s Answer to:  How do you get rid of a yeast infection?

An expert is someone who has spent years studying their specialty, in this case, yeast infections. Dr. Erik Bakker has been dealing with this problem for at least 25 years, both as a sufferer of yeast infections as well as a naturopathic physician focusing on this health issue. What is more, he has successfully treated over 15,000 patients for yeast infections.

Doesn’t it make sense to see what an expert has to say about yeast infections or candida?

how do you get rid of a yeast infectionIf you are in New Zealand you may be able to consult with him personally but otherwise, you can purchase his ebook that contains all of the information you need for treating yeast infections.

What is involved in ridding yourself of a yeast infection or candida?

First, you need to be clear that you do have a yeast infection. In an early chapter of Candida Crusher, major and minor symptoms are described as they relate to women, men, and children. There are also home tests that Dr. Bakker has developed to determine what your diagnosis is.

Second, depending on what you learn about your specific situation, you can choose the remedies that are described. If you’ve caught your yeast issue “early in the game,” you may be lucky to see your yeast infection disappear quickly and permanently.

However, for many who have recurrent symptoms more time and more changes are needed to get rid of your yeast infection. As Dr. Bakker explains in Candida Crusher, it’s more than just taking a simple remedy such as an herbal “antibiotic” such as oil of oregano or tea tree oil. Most often, several or more of the causes of yeast infections need to be addressed. What are they?

Diet is an important component in recovering your health from a yeast infection

Hundreds of pages of Candida Crusher are devoted to food and cooking healthfully including recipes. So it’s not just general dietary recommendations but specific diets are included: Induction, the Low Allergy and the Re-Introduction Diets.

Life Style changes are needed for those who want to recover permanently

Yeast Infections like other signals or symptoms from our bodies can be seen as alarms from your body– all is not well. While it makes sense to pay attention to symptoms and getting relief from them, the larger health question should not be disregarded. In short, please take this opportunity to see what is out of balance and needs correction to return you to optimal health.

This is basically Dr.Bakker’s program. As he says, “This is why I have included a great deal of information on how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle in my book, information I consider to be some of the most useful information you will find to help you in your quest for living a yeast infection free life forever.”

How soon can I expect to see results if I take steps to get rid of my yeast infection?

When you follow Dr. Crusher’s recommendations, making changes in your diet, life style and taking the suggested supplements, you may see changes within the first month. Sixty percent report improvement within the first 6-8 months. How quickly you get well depends on your commitment to make changes and what factors that need to be addressed to rid your body of a yeast infection.

What is the science behind getting rid of candida or yeast infections?

If you are asking for scientific proof that the strategies and recommendations that Dr. Crusher’s programs work, you may be disappointed. The kind of “science” we are used to are most often research about pharmaceuticals–drug companies have a lot invested in any drug they bring to market. Yeast infection solutions aren’t a good business except for over-the-counter cremes and gels which are hugely profitable.

No, the usual “scientific” proof isn’t available. But there is clinical evidence: each of the more than 15,000 patients successfully treated with Dr. Bakker’s program is a kind of proof we can rely on. They are about real people with real symptoms working with the recommendations to rid themselves of symptoms and as a result are much happier. Many report unexpected positive changes from the program such as being able to sleep better, mood being better, etc.

Is there any risk involved in purchasing Candida Crusher?

Dr. Bakker offers a 60 days satisfaction guarantee—60 days is more than enough time to see whether the program works. It’s a quick purchase on the Internet; you can your 718 page book almost instantly.

But don’t move ahead with the purchase unless you are committed to finding an expert’s solution to getting rid of your yeast infection/candida.  How do you get rid of a yeast infection?  My best answer is:  get an expert’s knowledge and guidance.