How To Cure a Yeast Infection?

How to cure  yeast infection

Answers on How to Cure a Yeast Infection are Many

When you are looking for a “cure” for any medical issue, aren’t you looking for a treatment that is successful, one that will get rid of your symptoms?  Where do you start when there are many “solutions” to our myriad of health problems including yeast infections?

One excellent beginning is to consult with an expert who has researched yeast infections for years because she had a case that no medical intervention or anything else cured. You will learn more about this below, or you can take a few minutes right now, to view this video and get her story.

Do you cure the symptoms or the causes?

These days whenever we have symptoms bothering us, it’s easy to reach for an over-the-counter (otc) solution that will alleviate them.

  • Allergies? Claritin.
  • Athlete’s foot? Antifungal cream
  • Itch? Hydrocortisone cream.
  • Headache? Ibuprofen.
  • Infection?  Antibiotics

Because of our pressured lifestyle we just want to be rid of our symptoms. Who has the time  to stop and ask, what’s causing this? We just have too much on our plate.

However, when we don’t bother to learn what the cause is what troubles us, we run the risk of having annoying symptoms, over and over again. Or, one allergy leads to another, and more.

Facing for years the recurrence of clear yeast infection symptoms and other depleting and puzzling issues, Linda Allen in “Yeast Infections No More,” describes how her infection became systemic.   This means that the yeast overgrowth was in multiple systems in her body. She had to get to the bottom of this, or the cause of it, before she made any progress in being “cured.”

Causes of yeast infections/ill-health in today’s society

One simple explanation for your yeast infection symptoms or any other is that your immune system is not robust and doing its job. In short, it’s weakened because working normally, our immune system has all the resources to fight off any infection/virus/bacteria/cancer, etc.

Think about it: Why is it that some people working in the same environment never get a cold or flu? The answer: they have strong immune systems.

Yeast infections can be seen as a sign that all is not well in your immune, reproductive system and other parts of your body. Moreover, attention must be paid to your intestines or your gut because 80% of your immune system is there.

What weakens our immune systems?

  • Inadequate or poor nutrition
  • Pollution from the environment, inside and outside the home
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • pH balance in the body is in the acid range
  • Stressful lifestyles
  • Assault on the friendly bacteria in the intestines
  • Lack of adequate restful sleep
  • And more

How to Cure a Yeast Infection? Address the Causes

Let’s look at the list above and think of a few reversals:

Poor nutrition can be corrected by better food choices.  Too many of us are influenced by our cultural and lifestyle choices for fast foods.

Whether we eat out or we eat in, we need to pay attention to our habitual decisions:

  • Reading labels to avoid high fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, food preservatives and additives: if you don’t read labels, you don’t know that practically all processed foods have one or more of the above. Such ingredients do not promote health.
  • Even if we choose organic, locally produced, free range and humanely raised animal protein sources and vegetables, we may not be getting enough of the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids we need.

pH balance in the body:

Yeast infections thrive on sugar and so much sugar is in many processed food. Why? Because we are practically “addicted” to sweet, to sugar.

Most vegetables and nuts, a few fruits and grains are higher on the alkaline scale. This means, sugars, most animal protein, grains (pasta, bread, other wheat products) and fruits are in the acid range. You can see how our customary food choices are unhealthy?

Good flora in the gut are destroyed by antibiotics—those that you take and those you get from non-grass fed animals that are inoculated with antibiotics; preservatives and additives; stevia, mercury amalgams in teeth, and more.

Probiotics should be one of the usual supplements that we should take.

Feeling overwhelmed?

When you begin to research any topic, especially on the Internet, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It’s no difference with yeast infections.

Even when you view the list of causes of yeast infections above and the possible reversals, your response can be well be: TMI, my brain is shutting down.

You need an expert on yeast infections

This is when it’s probably a good decision to consult with an expert on the subject. If you’ve been to MDs or nurses, traditionally trained, you will probably find that their recommendations are limited.

Many stories of yeast infection sufferers reveal how going to their doctor didn’t cure their symptoms; antibiotic after antibiotic didn’t address the cause. Please realize that these traditional medicines focus on symptom suppression and do not deal with the cause of an illness.

Alternative holistic treatments usually take a broader deeper view of any health issue.

There are a few experts online who offer comprehensive holistic guidelines and also specific steps you can take to see the relief of symptoms as well as address the causes of yeast infections. The experts provide the right answers for your question:  how to cure a yeast infection.

Linda Allen: Through “Yeast Infections No More” Linda has helped over 143,000 in 157 countries. Comprehensive, well-researched, tested, holistic, her e-book provides you information and guidelines through each step of whatever aspect of your yeast infection you care to focus on.  She has a 60-day 100% guarantee.

Dr. Eric Bakker: His book, “Candida Crusher,” is the result of 25 years of learning about treating yeast infections, first as a sufferer, then as a naturopathic physician. He’s consulted with some colleagues and with his clients to help over 15,000+ all over the world. Also comes with a 60-day refund policy.