How to Cure Yeast Infection Naturally

How to Cure Yeast Infection Naturally?

how to cure a yeast infection naturallyYou may mean by “how to cure yeast infection naturally” that you want to get rid of itchiness, smells, discharges that come with a yeast infection. And why not? They are embarrassing and very annoying. However, your first warning is this: you can’t think simply about getting rid of symptoms because when you keep your focus on symptoms, you won’t really cure the yeast infection.

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Do you want cure or symptom relief?

What do I mean? Traditional medicine as most of us have been treated focuses on symptom relief and symptom management, for almost all health issues. Therefore, most often pharmaceuticals or antibiotics are prescribed to get rid of the symptoms such as yeast infection symptoms. You may get temporary relief. But since you haven’t addressed the causes of the symptoms, they and other symptoms may manifest such as fatigue, depression, brain fog, digestive issues, etc.

Wait a minute…fatigue, depression, brain fog, digestive issues are related to yeast infections?

When yeast infections get out of control, they can create problems in many of systems in our bodies: those that are involve in supplying you with energy, nutrition from whole foods that are digested properly, your gut health where 75-80% of your immune system is based, etc. The term is “systemic.” When more of your body is involved then it’s not simple yeast cells but they have been transformed from simple bacteria to their mycelial form with cellular structures that are difficult to penetrate.

How do you address the causes of yeast infections with a natural cure?

First cause: the food choices we make–the easily available fast food and processed foods that are everywhere for Americans to purchase and consume.   It is responsible for poor health in many forms: obesity, diabetes, and these are related to other health issues. Yes, if we are not disciplined it’s easy to let convenience rule what we choose to eat.

The worst culprit for yeast infections is sugar: just think of all the sweet snacks and treats that are available such as Krispy Kreme donuts, ice creams, candies, etc. Besides the obvious sugar-laden food, there is all the hidden sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup found in most processed foods.

Besides sugar, there are non-whole grains such as white flour (in so many foods we consume such as breads, pastries, cakes, pies, crackers, pastas, etc.), white rice (in all that sushi, for example), etc. Do you get the picture? when we make such choices, we are not choosing whole foods that is at the heart of good nutrition.

If you take a look at the anti-candida diet below you can make a guess about how far off your nutritional intake is from the ideal. Now we don’t have to be perfect but we do have to come closer. And if you have a yeast infection, for a period of time, you may have to be strict about your diet regime.

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the anti candida diet

To cure yeast infection naturally involves bringing health back to your gut, intestines

Another cause of yeast infections is the frequent use of antibiotics and other medicines that kill off the good bacteria in your gut, your intestines. One of the natural treatments for curing yeast infections is the use of probiotics.

Please indulge me. I have a story to tell you. We have an 85-year-old beautiful woman friend. In the last few years we noticed that she became increasingly stooped, and she complained of how rheumatoid arthritis was crippling her fingers. In recent months, we noticed a vast difference: she was standing tall again. She told us immediately how this “miracle” happened. Her daughter-in-law introduced her to home-made milk kefir which she’s had every morning since. After taking a cup for 3 months, she found that her fingers straightened. Until a friend pointed out that she was no long stooping, she didn’t know about that change.

When she told others, a gentleman friend who had untreatable back pain wanted some kefir culture. After one month of one cup a day, he no longer had pain. He had done nothing else to create that change. Others have shared in the kefir, and are reporting impressive changes. Why?

Kefir is a probiotic containing many strains of good bacteria that replenishes the gut bacteria. Those who study gut health will inform you about the large number of diseases that are related to poor gut health. I think I saw a list of 25 disorders.

Probiotics are needed in your diet as part of a curing yeast infection naturally

Probiotics include yogurt and kefir: preferably unsweetened (remember how yeast feeds on sugar), and definitely for yogurt, having the live active cultures label . We make our own kefir with organic whole milk and mix it with some vegetable or vegetable-fruit juice like Naked or Suja products.

There are many probiotics on the shelves but remember all probiotics are not created equal. Like many supplements, you need to research the options carefully to make sure that the ingredients are viable, are actually in the bottle, and are manufactured in a way that they make it to your intestines.

Cleansing and detoxing as another part of curing yeast infection naturally

If our food choices have created problems, do you realize what other things have helped to bring down Americans’ health? Our life styles, for one: full of hurry, pressures and worry, stresses. For another: the toxins in our environment, water, air, and food—pesticides, herbicides, food preservatives and additives.

Besides the gut going out of balance , our body has accumulated these “negatives”, and we need to rid our bodies of them through cleansing and detoxing . However, there is too much information on these topics to write about here.

But by now, you may be overwhelmed with how complicated curing yeast infections naturally is. That is why no Internet article such as what I’ve written is enough. It’s a good first step. No, you need an expert to inform and guide you. Here are two of the Internet’s best experts on curing yeast infection naturally:

how to cure a yeast infection naturallyLinda Allen and Dr. Erik Bakker how to cure a yeast infection naturally

They both have years of study and have thousands that have been successfully treated. Both have 60-day satisfaction guarantees on their e-book so you take no risk in checking out their information. You can decide which one will serve as your guide.


REMEMBER, using natural home remedies is only the FIRST STEP in curing yeast infections.