How to Get Rid of a Yeast Infection

How to get rid of a yeast infection…permanently? Are you ready to take this question seriously?

how to treat a yeast infectionThe information below isn’t about a quick solution although they can often relieve symptoms…temporarily. When you realize that candida or yeast infections are signals from your body—an alarm, you might change your mind about how much time and effort you take to get educated about these nasty symptoms.

To get an expert’s view, stop right now and listen to Linda Allen .  Linda, a yeast infection sufferer herself, researched for years to find answers that rid of her of her symptoms.  It meant getting to the causes of her health issues, that when comprehensively treated left her free and healthy.

What experts like Linda Allen know about candida or yeast infection is vast compared to what usual MDs because no physician specializes in treating yeast infections. Think about it? When you go to a physician about a yeast infection, it’s one set of symptoms among hundreds that (s)he sees in the course of a week. Linda has focused on yeast infections for 15 years, researching and finding her answers for her myriad of symptoms.

What is Traditional Medicine’s approach to yeast infection?

For those who are unfamiliar with the difference between traditional, allopathic medicine and naturopathy, let me explain. Most of our doctors and other health professionals are trained to relieve symptoms of illness, and mostly through medication/pharmaceuticals.

Naturopaths or NDs, on the other hand, focus on the causes, what is happening in your body that led to the symptoms, the causes, to determine treatment. It’s the difference between a narrowly focused and a broader perspective.

If you chose to treat the symptoms and not the causes, the same or other signs from your body will erupt to let you know that all is not well. With yeast infection sufferers this story is told repeatedly: for years going to the doctor, and the symptoms keep returning. Or, trying this antifungal treatment or another one. If you are lucky to see symptoms go, congratulations.  However, don’t be surprised if they reoccur or other symptoms manifest.

Are you open to natural remedies in your search on how to get rid of a yeast infection ?

When you approach your symptoms from the view of looking at the causes, you move into a deeper understanding about your health. Your body develops symptoms such as allergies, aches and pains, coughing, lack of energy when systems in your body are off balance. Often it’s more than one since all parts are inter-connected.

When you have candida or yeast infections, it’s clear that an imbalance is occurring in your gut: candida overgrowth wherever it appears on your body means that the good to bad ratio of flora in your intestines is off balance.

In our modern society this imbalance has many causes: pollutants in the environment (outside and inside the home), unhealthy ingredients or elements in what we drink and eat, chemicals used to protect us from these toxins such as chlorine and antibiotics.

First line of defense:  Powerful effective probiotics

The idea of eating yogurt when you are on antibiotics has become more widespread. Why? Antibiotics kill the good along with the bad in the effort to defeat what is causes your illness. The live cultures from in yogurt and kefir are intended to help restore the good cultures. If the live cultures get to the intestines, some help may have been provided through consuming these foods.

Unfortunately, there are even more assaults on the good flora such as pesticides, herbicides that are sprayed on our food. Then other sources are from food manufacturers who add other toxins such as preservatives, additives to improve flavor, nitrates, artificial coloring, etc. to our food.

Pollutants in the air from the synthetics everywhere such as in the fabrics in our clothes and furnishing all need to be “neutralized” by our immune system.

What are good probiotics ?

  • Live cultures actually make it to the intestines
  • The right amount of and variety of live culture strains are found in the supplement.
  • The live cultures haven’t been destroyed by manufacturing or length of shelf life.

Reading labels can be painful especially when the print is so small. With yogurt, you can look for the active and live culture seal . Remember that sugar is what yeast feeds on, so stay away from sweetened yoghurt.

Here are two probiotics that are worth looking at:

Biotrust Pro-10X

Hyperbiotics Pro15

When you learn more about these probiotics you are assured that formulation and technology have been carefully developed to deliver good flora to the gut.

Do you watch what you eat?  Equally important is Diet:

The need for better nutrition is obvious with ill health only increasing at every age level including childhood diabetes and obesity, isn’t it? Clearly, too many of us are making the wrong food choices.

In America there are Paleo diets, Zone diets, Atkinson’s, etc.—is there anywhere else in the world where people are more fascinated by dieting?

So how we have, for gut health, the yeast free, candida or anti-candida diet

The Candida Diet

Most online advice about candida say: Stay away from sugar. Why? Yeast feeds on sugar. Not just the refined white granulated sugar. Sugar wherever it’s found such as in almost all processed foods in the form of high fructose corn syrup.

And sugar, also that is naturally found in most fruits and some vegetables that are starchy or sweet.

And carbs that turn into sugar once consumed such as all white flour products including breads, pasta, all manner of desserts.

What healthy foods can you eat?

  • Vegetables:
  • Nuts and seeds:
  • Animal protein raised without antibiotics, preferably grass-fed and organic:
  • Non-glutinous grains such as quinoa, buckwheat and millet


The soil where most commercial agricultural products are grown have long been depleted of nutrients. When they are not replenished with natural means that organic farmers use, i.e, not chemicals, we may not be getting the protein, minerals and vitamins that our grandparents got from their food.

Consequently, it may be important for us to supplement with the best vitamins, and minerals, , etc. we can find.

Moreover, the corn fed to cattle, pork, chicken, farm-raised fish may result in an imbalance of omega 6s from our food sources.   We need equal amounts of omega 3s and 6s for optimal health. Thus, for the health conscious finding good quality sources of omega 3s is also important. We need good fats.

Other issues that may be involved in regaining health

  • Parasites
  • Heavy metals
  • Detoxifying, cleansing

In Linda Allen’s book , “Yeast Infections No More,” there are comprehensive guidelines on how to get rid of a yeast infection.  Information and suggestions to return our bodies to full health are included. Although Linda’s book is an education for candida sufferers it can serve as well as for anyone who cares about their health.  Such information is not usually available to us otherwise.

The best to you.