Natural Remedy for Yeast Infection

natural remedy for yeast treatmentWhat are the Usual Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections?

When you search for a natural remedy for yeast infection on the Internet one of the most common answers you get is yogurt.  Warning: As you learn more about treating yeast infections, candida or candidiasis, you will recognize that such solutions focus on only one aspect of what causes yeast infections.

If you want to get a complete answer listen to an expert, Linda Allen, for a tried-and-true complete  natural remedy for yeast infections.

The most obvious symptoms that women who have yeast infections want to get rid of are symptoms in the vagina—itchiness, odor and discharge. When you are trying to solve the problem of such vaginal symptoms, it’s easy to turn to over-the-counter products.

But rather than reaching for pharmaceuticals that may provide temporary relief, you are looking for natural remedies. Good for you!

Why Yogurt?

The reason for recommending yogurt is the same reason that it is recommended when you go on a course of antibiotics to treat other infections: the amount of friendly bacteria in the gut needs help.

Yeast infections indicate that candida is out of control, and antibiotics kill needed good flora. Therefore, the purpose is to increase lactobacilus acidophilis and that is found in plain, that is, not sweetened, yogurt.

Unfortunately most yogurts commercially available have little friendly bacteria that survive the heating process. You need to find plain yogurt usually found in health food stores that haven’t been through the heating, and that contain no additives or sugars.

Another natural treatment is with vinegar

Treatment with apple cider vinegar is also described at the dilution of 2 Tablespoons to a quart of water AND made from organic apples. Bragg’s is a brand that is often recommended.

Protein enzymes are found in such vinegars and these live cultures are alkalinizing and may help with pH balance. Just as probiotics do such live cultures replenish beneficial bacteria to crowd out yeast. Douching may be attempted but if burning occurs should be stopped.

Tea tree oil treats yeast infections naturally:

Mixing 2% tea tree oil with jojoba oil is suggested, using a few drops to a tampon to apply to the vagina.

Probiotics as a natural treatment

The use of effective probiotics is discussed in the more comprehensive programs that describe corrections to the imbalances in various systems of the body.

Much of the live cultures may not survive the heating process used in manufacturing to prolong shelf life. So although the label may say “live cultures,” unless they are not treated with heat, it is doubtful that there is much effective live culture remains available.

Another issue rarely addressed with using probiotics is that effectiveness may be compromised in the digestive process. That is, the millions of micro-organisms need to survive the passage through the stomach where there are potent digestive enzymes and acids that can kill them.

You will find a high quality probiotics supplement created by Biotrust called  PRO-X10. Biotrust that has taken all of these factors into consideration in their research, development and manufacturing process.

Another company that has a high standard for delivering live cultures to the gut is HyperBiotics’ Pro-15.

Learn all about high-quality probiotics here.

Natural Treatment for immediate relief of yeast infection symptoms

There are many other natural remedies for treating the immediate symptoms of itching and burning including: raw honey, iodine, yogurt, Gentian violet, boric acid, chickweed ointment, hydrogen peroxide.

There is a specific protocol in Yeast Infections No More and other sources that provides relief within 12 hours using some of these natural ingredients.

HOWEVER, these symptoms will probably return unless steps are taken to holistically bring your body into balance.

So these simple natural remedies or interventions are only the first steps to treating reoccurring yeast infections.

There are so many more exciting promising steps you can take to regain the health you deserve.  Read on.

Some OTC (non-prescription) supplements also are natural remedies

These were formulated to deal with the symptoms of yeast infection as well as to support the health of the intestinal, immune and female systems.

A full holistic natural treatment to completely rid yourself of yeast infections

Linda Allen has responded to many concerns in her e-book: starting with immediate relief and including recommendations for those with very demanding schedules by offering a mini-candida treatment protocol. This too involves elements in the fuller program such as

  1. Dietary changes and digestive enhancements (involves 6 principles)
  2. Supplements to support nutrition and the immune system
  3. Detoxing and cleansing of the colon and liver, ridding of parasites
  4. Anti-candida protocol following cleansing using ingredients like oregano oil.
  5. Attention to probiotic health through supplements
  6. Stress, Sleep and Exercise components
  7. Clothing, hygiene and sex guidelines

If you look carefully at the components above you will be able to deduce many of the factors that lead to create an environment friendly to candida overgrowth or yeast infections. Many of us don’t realize

  • the toll our body takes because of lifestyle and stress;
  • how necessary good sleep and proper exercise are;
  • the toll on our health when we haven’t paid attention to proper nutrition;
  • what consequences improper foods and harmful toxic medications result in our intestines and liver.
  • And parasites: it isn’t often our physicians consider parasites except in cases of rare diseases.

As I learned more and more about Linda Allen’s work, I wanted the information and various protocols she offers just to bring my body to optimal health even I don’t currently have yeast infections.

If you want optimal health for yourself, learn what you can do. Get access to Linda here!

Another resource for a natural remedy for yeast infection or cure s

Candida Crusher–A Permanent Yeast Infection Solution

Dr Eric Bakker has studied yeast infections for over 25 years, consulting with his patients and colleagues to create comprehensive programs for all aspects of yeast infection.

The guidelines and details in his 720 page e-book may be daunting but the chapters and index should get you to information relevant to you.

The page this link will direct to you may also be overwhelming: just remember his answers have helped over 15,000 patients. He is an expert.

What natural remedy for yeast infection is right for you?

When you look for a natural remedy for yeast infection, you’ll find a range of simple to complex remedies.  Make sure you choose ones that address the symptoms and causes of your candida overgrowth so that you treat yourself thoroughly.