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yeast infection home remedyHome Treatments for Yeast Infection are Many

When you are searching for “yeast infection home remedy”, there are many possibilities to explore. By “natural” you may want to use natural ingredients that are easily found or a non-pharmaceutical treatment.  Or you may want to find alternative remedies that your nurse/doctor may not recommend or know about.   A number of these yeast infection homes remedies will be discussed below.

However, you may want to stop right now and learn  what an expert on treating yeast infections, Linda Allen, has to offer.

If you are searching for simple solutions, these treatments involve yogurt, vinegar, tea tree oil, etc.

The recommendation of yogurt is because of the need for lactobacillus acidophilus. Some recommend directly application to itching areas as well as consuming about one cup of plain unsweetened yogurt.

Since the live microorganisms can be destroyed by heat and other manufacturing processes make sure you have yogurt that truly contains live cultures, best found in health food stores.

Another is using vinegar diluted with water to soak in or to use as a douche (stop if there’s burning). The rationale for using good quality apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s is recommended) is to create alkalinity in these moist areas where pH is too acidic. The protein enzymes in such vinegars are live cultures similar to probiotics.

Tea tree oil is also diluted and used in a similar fashion. However, the rationale here is the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial aspect of tea tree oil that than the pH balance.

Other yeast infection home remedies involve boric acid, caprylic acid, oregano oil, etc.  An important factor in such choices is probably because they don’t involve pharmaceuticals and take a natural approach to treating yeast infections.

Whatever treatment you choose remember that you may only effectively treat the symptoms by using some of these remedies and might not thoroughly address the cause of yeast infections.

As mentioned above, to get a good briefing on the need to address the causes of yeast infections, get a cup of tea, relax, and listen to Linda Allen, an expert on yeast infection treatment who discusses simple steps as suggested above as well as a complete holistic program.

A home treatment you may consider are products that you can order online

Besides the usual anti-fungal pharmaceutical products you may find at your favorite drug store such as CVS, Walgreens, there are three alternatives worth exploring that are found online.

These are more complex in formulation and address more than the obvious symptoms you are experiencing.

Check out these yeast infection home remedies:

First is: Balance Complex – All-Natural Complete Female Wellness Supplement

Balance Complex not only addresses the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection such as discharge, odor and itching, it aims for appropriate pH balance.

Besides L. Acidophilus, it contains natural ingredients (such as aloe vera gel, caprylic acid, oregano exrract, black walnut, etc.) to help with the bladder, pms and menopause concerns.

Reviews attest to its effectiveness: 5 stars out of 5 (46 reviews)

  • “it works.”
  • “feel better in 24 hours”
  • “I swear by it.”
  • “infection was gone quicker and relief was faster”
  • “ love this”
  • “feel great”

A number of reviewers also report feeling more energy.

One reviewer warned that this supplement is not made to be used continually for the long term because of some of the ingredients.

Second is Candida Support-Cleanse  Detox:  All in One Solution for Yeast Balance by Vitaana

This Candida Support product has been designed to cleanse and detox for any yeast infection with ingredients that work by breaking down the candida cell walls.

Other ingredients work to restore and strengthen both intestinal flora and the immune system.

Natural ingredients include oregano extract and caprylic acid. Because of having several anti-fungal ingredient another claim is that it helps to prevent building resistance to any one anti-fungal product.

Candida Support is made in an FDA inspected facility and comes with a 100% guarantee.

4 ½ stars (40 reviews)
•    “pleased with the results”
•    “THIS IS IT”
•    “feel one thousand times better!!!”
•    “after ten years…. amazing improvement on my energy and concentration level and my rashes diminished”
•    “a real life changer”
•    “a simple long term solution to keeping my candida at bay”

Interesting, the cleanse and detox for one reviewer included expelling parasites.

Third is:  VF10 Complete Feminine Care Formula

This VF10 product addresses more than yeast infection symptoms and includes treatment of bacterial vaginosis, urinary track infections and support for the immune system.

Some of the natural ingredients include olive leaf, capyrlic acid, oregano oil, cinnamon and goldenseal.

This is a 60 day supply, shipped for free.
VF10 is covered by a 60-day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Reviews–4 ½ stars (12 reviews)

  • “it totally worked! No yeast infection…”
  • “very happy with how well this stuff works!”
  • “They will work and it will save you a lot of money on any future doctor visits!” (from someone who had suffered from bacterial vaginosis)
  • “all of the infections have gone away. Highly recommend it”

One or more of these yeast infection home remedies may work for you as well.

Any one product for yeast infections doesn’t work for all

As I read many product reviews I found that most women had tried many other solutions including years of going to the doctor, including using various antibiotics. Yet they still suffered from yeast infections.

I also learned that results from any one product seem to vary—many get wonderful results; a few don’t.

Results vary probably because of the nature and severity of problems each was suffering. Another factor may be whatever else in their lives they were doing to support their health.

A Yeast Infection Home Remedy You May Not Think About

How about a home remedy that involves the food choices you make in the home (and outside the home).  The experts always recommend some form of yeast free diet or anti-candida diet as a treatment for yeast infections.

Whatever you choose, the answer that is right for you is available. It’s up to you to find the right one.

Forewarning about Yeast Infection Home Remedy

The more I read about how to treat yeast infections from the experts, I think that those who are looking for a quick and simple solution, whether it’s pharmaceutical or natural, are being misguided. Why? Unless you are having your first yeast infection, there is much more going on with your health than a simple yeast infection.

Learn more from the experts:

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The above information is not intended as medical advice.
Before you take action you should consult with your physician.